Dr. Dan Siegel

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D is an internationally acclaimed author, award-winning educator and a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine. He is also co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center. He is the Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute, an educational center devoted to promoting insight, compassion, and empathy in individuals, families, institutions and communities.

Jim Doty, MD

James R. Doty, M.D., FACS, FICS, is a Clinical Professor of neurosurgery at Stanford University and Founder and Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education. As Director of CCARE, Dr. Doty has collaborated on a number of research projects focused on compassion and altruism. Dr. Doty is also an inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist having given support to a number of charitable organizations including Children as the Peacemakers, Global Healing and Family & Children Services.

Gopi Kallayil

Gopi Kallayil is the Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing at Google. He works with Google’s sales teams and customers and helps grow customer brands through digital marketing. In his prior roles he worked as Chief Evangelist for Google+, led the marketing team for the Company’s flagship advertising product, AdWords, in the Americas and Asia Pacific, and the marketing team for AdSense, Google’s publisher-facing product. Gopi earned his Bachelors degree in electronics engineering from the National Institute of Technology in India. He received his Masters in Business Administration degrees from the Indian Institute of Management and The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sister Denise Lawrence

Brahma Kumari Sister Denise Lawrence joined the Brahma Kumaris Organisation as a student of Raja Yoga and dedicated her life to spiritual practice and service in 1974 at the age of 23. Between 1975 and 2000 she pioneered the establishment of Brahma Kumaris Centres and served as coordinator of centres in Germany, Canada and USA. She taught meditation to addicts recovering from narcotics at several facilities of the Los Angeles prison system between 1984 and 1996. From 2001 to 2007 she was assigned to the Brahma Kumaris International Headquarters at Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India to write ten text books of the Diploma Programmes in Education in Values and Spirituality. From 2007 to 2010, Sr Denise was National Coordinator for the Brahma Kumaris in Canada. She was based in Toronto and coordinated 11 centres throughout the country. Since September 2010 she has divided her time between the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters at Mount Abu, and the International Headquarters at London. Currently she travels extensively presenting lectures, seminars, retreats and conferences throughout the world.

Diane Tillman

Diane worked with thousands of parents during more than 20 years as a school psychologist. Subsequently, she helped create a global values-education initiative, authored 15 resource books on values education and circled the globe numerous times to do seminars on Living Values Education and personal development in more than 30 countries. She has done values education seminars for UNESCO, ministries of education, educators, parent facilitators and street children agencies, at universities, schools and retreat centers, and in refugee camps. The Living Values Education series of books, published by Health Communications, Inc., won the 2002 Teachers' Choice award and is published in 12 languages.


Supervisor London Breed

London Breed was sworn in as the Supervisor for District 5 on January 8, 2013. The neighborhoods she represents include the Fillmore/Western Addition, North of the Panhandle, Lower Haight, Haight-Ashbury, Cole Valley, Inner Sunset, Hayes Valley, JapanTown and Alamo Square. London was raised by her grandmother in public housing in the Western Addition and now resides in the Lower Haight. London attended public school in San Francisco and graduated from Galileo High School. She earned her B.A. in Political Science from the University of California at Davis and later earned a Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco.

Indian Ambassador Venkatesan Ashok

Ambassador Venkatesan Ashok was born on October 8, 1958. He graduated in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1982. Ambassador Ashok has held diplomatic assignments in Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Austria and Sri Lanka, apart from postings in the Ministry of External Affairs in different capacities. He was Director of External Relations in the Department of Atomic Energy between 1995-1998 following which he was appointed as India’s Alternate Governor and Alternate Permanent Representative in the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna. He was the Division Chief of Central Europe in the Ministry of External Affairs prior to his assignment as Ambassador of India to the Republic of Zimbabwe between March 2008-June 2011. Ambassador Ashok served as Ambassador of India to the Czech Republic from August 2011 - September 2014. He has taken charge as Consul General of India in San Francisco w.e.f. 21 November 2014. Ambassador Ashok is married with one son. He speaks Chinese, English and several Indian languages. He has authored a book, Dasavatara, apart from several technical articles. His interests include reading and music.

Shunyaji Prathuri Mathur

Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur is a tradition-based, classically trained scholar, healer, and teacher of Ayurveda and Vedic sciences. Acharya Shunya is considered a pioneer in reviving the ancient Gurukulam System of Education in Ayurveda. Her own knowledge of classical Ayurveda stems from 14 years of rigorous Gurukulam-based training in the holy city of Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India. She is the Founder of Vedika Global, Inc., a California-based non-profit Vedic foundation that supports an awarded international School of Ayurveda and Vedic Studies, sponsors community welfare initiatives, and delivers charitable wellness through global projects. She is also the current President of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM).


Freddy Clarke and Wobbly World

Freddy Clarke and Wobbly World is a collection of singers and musicians from an ever-expanding list of countries which currently include: Bulgaria, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Cuba, Vietnam, West Africa and the US who embody the true American spirit of connection and collaboration. A melting pot of disparate cultures, religions, languages and instruments who's main goal is to synchronize and capitalize upon our differences to create a new and unique world music sound that speaks to the deepest part of our common humanity.

Ron Quesada

Kulintronica is a musician on a mission to make the "kulintang" a household name. By fusing this ancient Filipino gong instrument with modern electronic dance music, Kulintronica brings the elemental sound to young ears.

More at

Christine Tulis

Christine Tulis is a healing artist, harpist, singer, mystic and award-winning composer exploring the spiritual and healing qualities of the harp and the power of music and the healing arts to connect us to our hearts and inspired states of being. Her music is created out of a deep love of the harp and its archetypal role as a link between heaven and earth. She is devoted to creating musical experiences that open inner gateways and support spiritual awakening.

Marya Stark

In the space between art and persona there is magic. Marya Stark lives there. Drawing from influences as diverse as Baroque classical, Broadway, pop and folk, Marya crafts a sound that is wholly original. She creates the way she breathes; without choice or hesitation. She loves grand musical gestures and subtle symbolism, but it’s difficult to carve out a single niche for her. Her music simultaneously evokes otherworldliness and anthemic hope.

Marya’s craft is deeply influenced by her background in Expressive Arts therapy. If you find yourself at a live show, you are likely embarking on a full ride through multiple story-lines of characters in imaginal realms. She is a carrier of myth, mystery, and medicine songs with which she embarks to create a ceremony of the human condition, crafting stories for the current times.


Laxman Panthi

Laxman loves to bring Yoga and Yoga philosophy to all members of the community in a fun and engaging way. He believes Yoga is not just a physical practice, but an art of living. In his classes, he brings chanting, meditation, and flow to your life. With youth classes, he brings games, songs, and play all through Yoga.

Darren Main

Darren Main is a yoga and meditation instructor and author. His books include Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic, Spiritual Journeys along the Yellow Brick Road, Inner Tranquility, The Yogi Entrepreneur and Hearts and Minds: Talking to Christians about Homosexuality. He facilitates workshops and gives talks on yoga and modern spirituality throughout the United States and abroad and is the host of the internationally syndicated podcast Inquire Within and teaches Yoga on the Labyrinth inside San Francisco’s iconic Grace Cathedral. He currently resides in Northern California with his son Jaden.

Gopi Kallayil

Gopi Kallayil is the Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing at Google. He works with Google’s sales teams and customers and helps grow customer brands through digital marketing. In his prior roles he worked as Chief Evangelist for Google+, led the marketing team for the Company’s flagship advertising product, AdWords, in the Americas and Asia Pacific, and the marketing team for AdSense, Google’s publisher-facing product. Gopi earned his Bachelors degree in electronics engineering from the National Institute of Technology in India. He received his Masters in Business Administration degrees from the Indian Institute of Management and The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

John Rettger

Dr. John Rettger is the Director of Mindfulness at the Stanford University Early Life Stress & Pediatric Anxiety Program. He is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY27863) in private practice in Palo Alto and a meditation and yoga teacher. He has been teaching mindfulness professionally for six years. John's training background includes a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, a master’s degree in Education from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA and certification as a yoga teacher with specialized training in teaching yoga to youth.

He has co-authored scholarly articles on mindfulness and trauma-informed psychotherapy interventions and has published numerous online articles on mindfulness, compassion, psychology, meditation and yoga. His work has been featured on the PBS NewsHour, San Francisco’s KALW Local Public Radio, local online newspapers, yoga blogs and internationally published in Yoga Therapy Ireland. John continues to advance an active research agenda and is passionate about being a lifelong student of mindfulness, yoga, and Existential-Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology.

Mary Jo & John Johnson

Mary Jo and John received their 500-hour training in Yoga Therapy RX from Loyola Marymount University & the Stress Center of Marin where they also serve as Teaching faculty. They also teach iRest Yoga Nidra, a meditation practice influenced by the teachings of Dr. Richard Miller, a clinical psychologist and yogic scholar.  iRest® is a research based transformative practice of deep meditation for trauma, anxiety, PTSD, relaxation, resiliency and general well-being.   Their continued growth and development have been influenced by Judith Lasater, Ph.D (Restorative Yoga), Dr. Baxter Bell (Healthy Aging) and Mingtong Gu and Dr Liu Dong (Healing QiGong).

You can reach them at helping clients get back to doing what they love to do.

Creative Workshops

Diane Ferlatte

Diane is known for her humor, depth, & tenderness, as well as the intimate & personal rapport that she has been making with her audiences worldwide for over twenty years. She is truly a master of the oral tradition using expression, gesture, and intense emotion, to create multiple characters for each story. Through stories, songs, American Sign Language, humor and audience participation, she brings her tales to life. She believes that telling and listening to each other’s stories not only enables us to learn about each other, but also to understand each other better. She views storytelling as a traditional art form that can promote literacy, imagination, and values in the young. Besides appearing worldwide at major festivals on six continents, Diane's awards include a Grammy Nomination, the National Storytelling Network’s Oracle Circle of Excellence Award, the National Association of Black Storyteller’s Zora Neale Hurston Award, California Arts Council's Highest Ranking, as well as Parents' Choice, American Library Association, iParenting Media, Storytelling World, National Parenting Publications, & Children's Music Web awards.

Nicole Huguenin

Nicole Huguenin, Chief Dream Architect, Nature Walks. A former high school teacher turned generosity entrepreneur. After a chance encounter and walk with a 72-year-old women, she founded Wild Dream Walks to bring more love and friendship to the world, on foot. She gifts most of her time and energy to individuals and organizations valuing people as their bottom line. In 2015, she committed to walking each day with a new person or group of people which resulted in 403 walks and a deep understanding of how connected we all are.

Mazin Jamal

Mazin Jamal is an educator, artist, and co-founder of the Holistic Underground, a non-profit community organization dedicated to creating an integrated model of community development by uniting the arts, social justice, and holistic health.

Dalai Lama Fellows

Uvinie Lubecki is the Director of Programs and Partnerships at Dalai Lama Fellows, where she develops curriculum and practices for bringing secular values and mind training to global leaders. Prior to joining, she led strategy for RelayHealth, a business unit within McKesson, and has also worked for Deloitte Consulting, Aetna, and the Department for Health and Human Services. She holds a MS in Health Policy and Management from the Harvard School of Public Health and a BA in Neurobiology from Cornell University.

Dalai Lama Fellows cultivates and supports a global movement of next generation leaders applying universal values to solve global challenges. The first part of the three part curriculum focuses on self-mastery, cultivating personal practices that enable leaders to embody their values.  Uvinie Lubecki will be offering a mindful listening meditation and participatory activity which helps individuals to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Marcela Sabin

Executive Director and Founder of the Circle of Ancestors, a non-profit organization dedicated to using traditional cultural practices rooted in ancient techniques to serve as road maps for participants to recover balance and to reconnect with relations.

April Deutschle

April Deutschle is a SF based actor and clown. Clown is a way of self-expression, including your own unique sense of humor. With the openness to be with and learning to be ‘your own stupid self’ our stories become more than verbal.

Peaceful World Foundation

A non-profit organization which strives to build peace in the world by providing support for non profit organizations in their peacebuilding efforts in the field of the arts, community development, and holistic approaches towards mindfulness and well-being.


Fern Jeffcoat

Fern Jeffcoat has been teaching the Tai Chi Yang style long form and Qigong since 1993. She also practices and teaches Raja Yoga meditation. She co-led Women's Spiritual Questing Circles in Sonoma County in the 1980's. Fern combines movement and meditation to explore the synthesis of body and spirit. 

Master Cathy Mu

Master Cathy Mu is a highly respected Qi Gong master and a teacher of holistic self-healing and self-empowerment practices from PureBeautiful Healing Foundation. Recipient of “Master of the Year ​2016 for Health Qi Gong", from the 17th World Congress on Qi Gong​, Tai Chi,​ & Traditional Chinese Medicine, Master Mu will teach us some simple yet highly effective Qi Gong movements to help us lose excess weight, relieve pain, enhance our fitness ​& beauty, ​reverse aging, and attract more ​ Abundance in Health, Wealth, &

Master Philip Yang

Dr. Yang is an Oriental Medical Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, Martial Artist, and Qigong Master. He founded Nine Star University of Health Sciences in Oriental Medicine. Dr. Yang created the Yuan Gong medical Qigong set. He also developed cutting edge “Qi-acupuncture” techniques, “Spinal Diagnosis” and “Holographic Needling Techniques” which have had profound results in many people.

Children's Theater

Aaron Ableman

An award­-winning United Nation’s artist, author and entertainer, A​aron Ableman has dedicated his life to serving children, youth and families. Named “Top 100 Creatives” by Origin Magazine, Ableman has studied, worked or performed with the likes of the 14th Dalai Lama, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Joan Baez, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Vandana Shiva, Q’Orianka Kilcher, Raffi and many more. His life and work have been heralded in publications such as MTV, the LA Times & New York Times, CNN, HBO, and the SF Examiner. Aaron is a co-founder of BALANCE Edutainment,​ the chief creative behind the 11 time award­-winning brand P​acha’s Pajamas (animated book, album, live touring show and organic fairtrade pajamas) and an ambassador for a global reforestation initiative called Forest Nation.

Alex Siegel aka Squawk Beak

Alex Siegel is an artist dedicated to playing meaningful music, with an organic sound that soothes the soul. He has a distinctive voice, smooth and silky that reminds listeners of soulful singers of the past. “The combination of soulful melody and that voice makes his latest song Run Home a sure fire hit, and Run Home is already at #18 on the Kayak Big.”

Alex Siegel’s Good Leg EP, released in 2015, was recorded in Röykkä, Finland and inspired by his travels in Russia, Ukraine, and Japan. Alex made an entire album’s worth of songs while staying in Röykkä, where he recorded late into the night with an eccentric Finnish producer using home-made microphones, vintage synthesizers, and a tape machine.

Like hearing an old friend’s voice over the phone, Alex’s music is filled with love, comfort, and a touch of nostalgia. His lyrics are personal and poetic, and his songwriting combines flavors from America to Brazil.

“What comes from the heart, enters the heart.”

Kenny The Clown

Kenny The Clown is inspired by many performers and athletes from all over the world. He has received numerous awards and recognition. He has served as a public school substitute teacher in the city of Alameda. Kenny The Clown has appeared on television many times, and has even run for Mayor of the city of San Francisco and Alameda. Kenny The Clown is internationally known, and locally respected, which means he brings a local flavor that makes the San Fran(silly)cisco Bay Area come alive at your party, or event.


This Latin Circus Funk band is inspired by Bob Marley, Rage Against the Machine, Manu Chao and Primus. Bicicletas Por La Paz is a performance collective of musicians, cyclists, puppeteers, visual artists and environmentalists, mobilizing for climate justice. They aim to empower and encourage individuals of all ages to get on their bikes and pedal the bicycle revolution into a future of thriving communities independent of fossil fuels. They believe the bike revolution has the ability to inspire individuals to embody change in today’s world. The collective does and annual bike tour around the Americas, teaming with local community organizations and local businesses while providing a quality musical performance. They carry 100% of their equipment on bicycles spreading the message of peace and health through street performance. In Oakland, the collective runs a community kitchen called the People’s Kitchen.

Lads in Plaid

The brothers Zane and Cullen Luper have grown up playing all types of traditional music - Scottish, Irish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Galician, Québécois, Cape Breton, Baroque, and more.  They have been to Alasdair Fraser Fiddle Camps in California and Spain where they have been taught by amazing traditional, classical, and baroque musicians from all over the world.  They have played at the Freight and Salvage, KVMR Celtic Festival, Porch Fest, Shobe Fest, and House concerts with Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas, Hanneke Cassel Trio and Mike Block, Altan, Carlos Nunez, Athena Tergis and Mick Moloney.  Be sure to catch the brothers performing with the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers around the Bay Area.

Miguel & Los Buenos

As a 4-piece Acoustic band featuring strings, vocals, bass and percussion Miguel y Los Buenos is a unique blend of acoustic salsa, playing 100% original songs by guitarist/vocalist Miguel Bennu. The music is uplifting, romantic and catchy with a strong danceable Latin beat; a unique blend of the Son, pop and Latin-rock cultures in a natural setting.  The music carries the “son” structure with a  blend of tumbao, martillo and vocal harmonies featuring Michael “Doc” Ray (bass), Daniel Martinez (percussion) and Paul Fisher (percussion).

Cassandra Love Lambert

Cassandra Love Lambert aka C-Love is a published makeup and face/body paint artist who has had the honor of loving up over 3,800 faces in the past 3.5 years- She has this staggering ability to display someone's inward beauty and power for the world to see by using multi-media makeup & art.

Tree Frog Treks Wild Science

Started by Chris “Mr. Science” Giorni out of the back of his pick-up truck in 1999, Tree Frog Treks has grown to be one of the leading science and outdoor education companies in the Bay Area, known not only for our awesome Animal Ambassadors, but our fun, hands-on approach to teaching, which we call Wild Science! Our energetic and knowledgeable naturalists make science come alive. Through our presentations, we encourage children and adults to see themselves as part of a larger system of natural life, in which every organism, from cricket to crocodile, plays an important part.  Our presentations are a unique opportunity to see a host of exotic critters up close!

Children and adults can meet  a variety of our creeping, crawling and slithering co-workers, from tiny Leopard Geckos to 7-foot-long Centralian Pythons. We discuss how they adapt to their natural habitats and examine what role they play in the ecosystem.


Shoresh Alaudini is a multifaceted performing and visual artist fascinated with the endless potential of storytelling and perspectives of the storyteller. The journey of marker to parchment began on a roll of butcher paper at the age of two and has been rolling out ever since, changing form for the stage, screen, canvas, sidewalk, to sprawling the city walls of San Francisco on various Mural projects as well as working in collaboration with Precita Eyes Mural organization. Shoresh received his B.A in Performing Arts and Social Justice at the University of San Francisco, and continues to learn more every day by keeping an open ear to the youth and wisdom of the beautiful city by the bay. Come by and join the Art Sho corner! Add a piece of your story to the ever expanding Peace in the Park tapestry!


Alicia Tamales

In August of 2010, Alicia Villanueva came to La Cocina with a dream: to start her own tamale cart, as a means to spread her own Mexican traditions and customs. For Alicia, the best tamales are stuffed with love, and the best people are stuffed with her tamales. More at

Amma's Kitchen

Amma's Kitchen serves delicious, nutritious vegetarian meals. More at

Charlies Brownies

Charlie’s Brownies serves the finest dairy free and gluten-free gourmet brownies. We use no preservatives or artificial flavors, only a blend of organic ingredients and home-baked love. Our brownies are built especially moist to deliver “The Ultimate Brownie Experience.”

Underdog Organic

Underdog is an eco-friendly restaurant serving up super delicious organic hot dogs, sausages & sides in a way no one else can. We have built a solid reputation since 2006 by being uncompromising in serving food that is organic and healthy to both people and the environment.